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 3.8 Jaguar E-Type Opalescent Dark Blue
 Fixed Head Coupe Light Blue
 Left Hand Drive 
   Jaguar Cars, New York
 885020 19 September 1961
 R1497-9 6 November 1961
 V1024 New Orleans
 EB594JS Louisana
 23 August 1961 United States
 1962 Opalescent Dark Blue
 2012 Light Blue
 Rest: Concours 
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Record Creation: Entered on 25 March 2004.

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2004-03-25 00:08:31 | Rick writes:

I am second owner, since 1972. the car has not been run since 1981. 34,000 miles. remains in storage since the restoration cost exceeds value.

2004-04-06 10:53:19 | Herman Stöver writes:

If the chassis nr. is right, this must be the last LHD FHC with the outside latch locking, expect $ 100.000+ for a restored car ! (strange that the title date is 1962, this must ne one of the first FHC) NB: last LHD Roadster with outside latch locking: 875385 / RHD Roadster: 850091 / LHD FHC: 850020 / RHD FHC: 86004

2004-09-03 19:43:41 | Bud Marston writes:

I bought 885020 in June 2004. The car was delivered to a restoration facility in August and now awaits restoration after my E-type 885117 is completed in mid-2005.
885020 arguably is the earliest remaining unrestored E-type LHD coupe. All major components still are with the car. The car's sheet metal, engine, and components are in very good shape.

2006-12-09 17:51:38 | Anonymous writes:

The car now seems to be on sale at Classic Jaguar for $250,000 which includes restoration.

2006-12-11 14:08:17 | Anonymous writes:

What do you think of the price Classic jaguar is asking? $250.000 !!

2007-01-03 10:06:56 | Dan Mooney - Classic Jaguar writes:

As of January 2007, 885020 belongs to me and is not for sale.

2007-01-03 13:19:35 | Roger writes:

Removed one comment which didn't have anything to do with the car itself. Also removed Rick's ownership info from the owner's database.

For historical purposes, Rick Wakefield said (in 2004):

"This was my college car in 1972, have not run engine since 1981. Remains in storage."

2007-01-03 14:31:37 | Dan Mooney - Classic Jaguar writes:

Thanks, Roger. One further note, the car was originally Opalescent Dark Blue (not Cotswold Blue), per the JDHT certificate.

2007-02-03 16:15:12 | Anonymous writes:

BUYER BEWARE of Claim of Outside Latches on Jaguar E-type Coupe 885020
In 2004 I purchased 1961 Jaguar E-type LHD coupe Car No. 885020. The previous and most likely second owner, an individual of impeccable reputation, assured me 885020’s inside latches were original. He had purchased the car in 1972 as an inside-latch E-type from an individual who stated he was the original owner and did not indicate he had modified the latches or bonnet in any way.
I shipped 885020 to my restorer, who has done concours Jaguar restorations for 35+ years and who is restoring my early 1961 E-type 885117. I notified Jaguar Clubs of North America (JCNA) in 2004 of my purchase, informed its leaders that this early car did not carry outside latches, and invited them to inspect my car.
Although the Service Parts List for the E-type 3.8 indicates that outside latches were fitted from 885001 to 885020, JCNA informed me it cannot confirm whether or not an individual car within that range of chassis numbers was outside latch. JCNA also advised that according to the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust, there is no way to determine whether all of the coupes from 885001 through 885020 actually had outside latches. The Service Parts list says so, but the actual build records do not. Any comment beyond this would be pure speculation.
My restorer performed a detailed noninvasive inspection of 885020 and found no direct evidence of outside latches on the original bonnet wings or bulkhead. The wings showed no evidence of ever having been fitted for outside latches. In fact, the car’s current inside-latch configuration appears factory installed and original to the car.
In December 2005 I sold 885020 as an inside-latch E-type. In December 2006 the new owner listed 885020 for sale, describing the car as the “last outside-latch LHD E-type coupe.” I notified JCNA that 885020 now was being described as original outside latch, despite assertions of the three prior owners to the contrary. JCNA advised that I would be doing the Jaguar community a service by posting my concerns on jag-lovers.org.
Individuals contemplating purchase of 885020 would be well advised to arrange for independent inspection of the car by a recognized unbiased authority on outside-latch E-types, one who does not own any of the first 20 LHD E-type coupes (those individuals have a major financial incentive to describe the first 20 as original outside latch).

2007-02-07 21:42:45 | Mike Mueller writes:

Question for anonymous Since 885020 is clearly documented in the Jaguar publication SPARE PARTS CATALOGUE FOR JAGUAR E TYPE publication j.30 to be an outside lach coupe what evidence do you have that it is not?

2007-02-15 01:11:07 | Anonymous writes:

Because production and documentation was not accurate at Jaguar all through out but in particular not in the beginning of XK and E-Type production.
Good examples: the chrom on top of roadster's doors: some had the rail some not; the reflectors in the tail lights had different patterns but also not permanently; I have seen 4 different stype 3.8 steering wheels (differnt wood - some wood were common beach, some had only one line in this colour, most were in hornbeam, different inner sizes etc) and all were believed to be original; the tool box in the spare wheel was also put in unregularly ............

2007-02-15 16:42:17 | Anonymous writes:

Response to Mike Mueller. The first three owners of 885020, including the first owner and myself, all indicate this E-type carried original inside latches. The current (fourth) owner is aware of this. The statement that the Service Parts List clearly indicates that 885020 is an outside-latch E-type is misleading.
JCNA has informed me, in writing, that although the Service Parts List for the E-type 3.8 indicates that outside latches were fitted from 885001 to 885020, it cannot confirm whether or not an individual car within that range of chassis numbers was outside latch. JCNA also advised that according to the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust, "There is no way to determine whether all of the coupes from 885001 through 885020 actually had outside latches. The Service Parts list says so, but the actual build records do not. Any comment beyond this would be pure speculation."
As a sidebar, a highly knowledable individual with first-hand recently informed me, in writing, that 885013 and 885018 both also have full provision for the inside latches, exactly the same as 885020. I suspect, therefore, that these two early E-types also were original inside-latch cars, although they have been described otherwise. Again, the Service Parts List is not definitive proof that any of the first 20 E-types carried original outside latches, according to JCNA and JDHT.

2007-02-19 20:09:36 | Mike Mueller writes:

Bud speculation ? Your whole aurgument is based on heresay and subjectivity. Define"a highly knowledable individual with first hand " . Who determines knowledable and define first hand ? Regarding the existance of the holes in the firewall if the individual is George Camp, he knows because I told Dan Mooney who spoke with George Camp( sorry George). The fact is that 885013 has its original bonnet down to the1 body number in the rear corner of the of the bonnet 2 welded inner braces ( 1/4 inch longer since no glue) 3 transverse weld approx 1 foot from the bonnet mouth 4 small round hole in the bellypan(not oblong) 5 original outside latch mechanism part #BD 16015 spot welded to wing with original set screws part #ucs.419/4hrt and original washer s part # AG.102/xa 6original dark blue paint under current silver paint . These are the facts period. On the body the original outside latch mechainism part # BD.16012 (visibly differnt from reproduction mechanisms) original shims under the mech part # BD.16013 and the original very difficult to find long bolts.part #ufs.119/6R .These can be found on Mark Ten voltage regulater mounts. 885018 does not have its original bonnet it does however have the sameoutside latch mechanism, shims and bolts as 885013 and incidently 885008,885009,850008 fact period. In inspecting the firewall holes of 885013 and 885018 they show no evidence of trauma or of any usage (even with 3.5 magnification loupes). Few more comments : I know these facts because I have been a student of outside latch cars for the last 20 years. I do own the above mentioned cars which are stored in a barn in Texas with 48 other Jaguars. Yes it is a bad habit however I have a very understanding wife and 5 year old . Speculation: 1 Jaguar didn't mention the outside lat ch bonnet because they didn't know they were going to change the bonnet (ie they don't say triple carb car or covered headlight glass car) 2 they were probably paying some one 25 cents an hour to record this data and do you think he would care about the changes ? Questions to Bud? How many outeside coupes have you seen or even outside latch cars? Do you confess to being an expert on these cars and if you are not then don't act like one. These highly knowledable people you get your information from have they taken some test on outside latch cars to become experts? Bud I don't know you but you seem like a bitter man and in my humble opinion lost your only shot at an outside latch coupe. The above information is intended to educate people on outside latch coupes and if it offended anyone please accept my apology . Michael C Mueller Bud you have my personal invitation to inspect these cars. I have nothing to hide. Comments gladly addressed.

2007-02-20 20:35:06 | Mike Mueller writes:

Bud , since roadster # 875242 thru 875386 have holes in the firewall for inside latches ( a few exceptions have been noted) are you suggesting that all these 144 outside latch roadsters were originally inside latch?

2007-02-21 17:30:56 | Jag Man writes:

Mike Mueller knows these cars better than no one else, let's not argue and let the cars speak for themselves!

2007-09-04 13:27:43 | Anonymous writes:

Any progress with the car? Would be very curious to know about the restoration......

2009-03-19 16:58:53 | Neal writes:

Would be willing to purchase. Are you willing to sell? Email me.

2012-06-12 14:17:20 | Stefan writes:

Car now almost completed. Really nice, beautiful - only the tyres look for my perception wrong. They are 195/70 R 15 C, which imho isn't the right size. The only radial tyres with the right size from my perspective are 185/80 (e.g. Dunlop 185/80 VR 15 also named 185VR15).

Nevertheless, the car is really nice and the colour combination sensational! So the last outside bonnet latch FHC is hopefully soon back on the road - and hopefully will not be preserved in a private museum....

2013-10-19 17:08:31 | Pekka T. writes:

Hi, yes really nice! Any photos of the finished complete car? In ths case, even the Light Blue leather and vinyl appear correct, the sure look grey, but that's the way this colour looked from 1949 to 1968. Cheers!

2015-01-25 04:53:49 | Stefan writes:

Some more details and Pictures on classicjaguar's website:


2015-06-03 19:36:13 | Marten writes:

Since years I am the very happy owner of 885020 but desperately searching for some history of the car. Some pics, some stories, former owners. (No discussion reg in/outside latch). Please let me know. Thanks!
Regards from the Netherlands

2018-11-24 14:00:30 | Pat H writes:

Looks like August 23rd, 1961 was the last day of OSBL production however OTS 875386 (if the info presented on this site is accurate and the bonnet is OEM) is inside latch.

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