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 3.8 Jaguar E-Type 
 Fixed Head Coupe 
 Left Hand Drive 
 1961 Opalescent Gunmetal
 2011 Red
 Rest: Concours 
United StatesUnited States


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Record Creation: Entered on 22 January 2004.

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2004-01-22 00:01:50 | pauls writes:

Info gathered with permission from:

This car was reported to have been delivered to Jaguar Cars, New York. Nothing else 's known.

2004-09-29 20:58:06 | pauls writes:

Some info was given on this car in the June '99 issue of Jaguar World magazine in an artical written by Paul Skilleter. Paul says this car is in Texas in a collection held by Mike Mueller. It is the eighth LHD coupe.

2004-12-04 05:39:29 | Mueller writes:

This car has been restored and I believe won Jcna class 5 (national) a total of three times. 885009 has not been restored contrary to what is written.

2006-09-13 08:10:47 | Anonymous writes:

Mr. Mueller,

It is crazy how many rare and beautiful E-Type Coupes you own. Is there any chance that you could upload some photos from your cars in particular from this supposedly very beautiful one?

Thank you

2007-05-02 13:42:31 | Anonymous writes:

Doesn't someone have fotos from this coupe and other early coupes? Unfortunately only 885020 and 885017 and 885013 are stating fotos!

2007-10-17 05:44:09 | Pekka T. writes:

Hello Mr. Mueller,

Could you possibly add the colors of the cars (& interiors) especially the original colors as far as they are known, as this could be great help in identifying these cars that appeared in the early brochures and advertisements, like this one: which is from New Yorker (1962-04-07) but the picture is for sure from 1961 and has shows one of the early LHD FHC's in Cream/Red with external bonnet latch. Maybe 8850017 before it was "restored".

Thanks for keeping up the heritage! -Pekka T.

2011-01-31 03:05:41 | Pekka T. writes:

Hi, the link had disapeared, surely no copyright violation as this was a paid advert by Jaguar Cars New York:
Cheers, Pekka T.

2011-02-01 17:41:27 | Martin writes:

Hi Pekka and @ all,

is there any chance to find out the colours of all outside bonnet latch cars, especially the coupes? My current status is as follows:

885002: gunmetal grey
885003: british racing green
885004: bronze
885005: gunmetal grey
885006: accoring to the black and white photos supposedly gunmetal grey?
885007: I think I have once seen a b&w photo on which the car had also a darker colour - definitely not white
885008: I can remember that the car was restored to black (I am just guessing but Mike would do it original, right?)
885009: unclear
885010: unknown
885011: unknown
885012: unknown
885013: dark blue
885014: unknown
885015: unknown
885016: unknown
885017: cream
885018: unknown
885019: unknown
885020: dark blue
860001: dark blue
860002: not white in case suede green interieur was original
860003: dark blue
860004: gunmetal grey (potentially original?)

So we have 8 unknows plus some guessing. It is just to find out if 885017 was the car in the add. If so the mirrow was definitely changed to top installation in the meanwhile.



2011-02-02 11:20:44 | Pekka T. writes:


Regarding 885006 guessing the colour is almost futile. Even with 885005 which was well documented it was impossible to say from the modern colour photos if it was Opalescent Gunmetal or Opalescent Silver Grey.

It would be best to get all this info from the JHT build sheets. I know they will not likely share all the information, but I suppose someone like Jim Patten could find out about this, like he did about 860019. I would love to do it, but I am not sure Anders will trust me enough. I have a couple of other E-type puzzles that will most likely only ever get solved based on the build sheets.

The owner of 885005 was happy to share that information with us and a JDHT certificate confirmed the original colours and other details.

But I would like to know too, which car is in that photo of the advert. The photo is retouched, but the OBL is real, and so are the rear view mirror, wing mirror (or it could be also on the scuttle/door?) and even an aerial (antenna) on the LH side of the body. Those could be good clues for anyone who has that car today. If the body is original on 885017, it turns out to have been shipped to New York, was originally Cream with Red interior and the holes for the aerial and external mirror are there then that would most likely be that car in the ad. Mike Mueller will know what his cars were like when they left the factory or can sure find that out from JHT. I think it would be great for all of us enthusiasts to publish that information (ext./ int. colours, build dates and when and where dispatched) and can't really think of any negative effects. I can understand they do not wish to publish all the numbers as then every engine, picture frame and body would magically turn into a "matching numbers" car which has happened in the past. Cheers!

2011-02-28 16:47:09 | mike mueller writes:

885008 is gunmetal/red and will be on display at Amelia Island March 13 2011. 885018 is gunmetal /black 885009 looks like darkblue/blue as does 885013. I visited with 885005 with the owner Christian and George the day I inspected 885017. It is a very well done car, not overrestored and I believe the body color is gunmetal and the interior beige. I believe 885017 is the only white/red car made. Mike Mueller

2011-03-01 03:41:40 | Pekka T. writes:

Hello Mike! Thanks for the colours, I hope Stefan and Martin can verify the original colours of 885017 from JHT. if it would turn out to be the only Cream/Red early car made, then it would have to be the car on the advert. The holes for the wing mirror and aerial would most likely be found in the scuttle and the dash mounted reverse mirror can be seen in the advert photo. I can send a higher res scan per e-mail if someone wants one. Cheers!

2011-03-17 15:31:59 | Greg Wells writes:

This vehicle was part of the Jaguar Cars display commemorating the 50th anniversary of the introduction of the E-Type at the Amelia Island Concours on Sunday, March 13, 2011.

2011-03-17 16:09:10 | Mark writes:

Any photos of the car?

Would be curious to see!

2011-04-12 09:09:26 | Stefan writes:

According to my information 885011 and 885012 are believed to have been originally delivered in cream / red as well. So not sure, that 885017 was motive of the advert.

2015-03-02 10:05:06 | Stefan writes:

The unbelievable has happended. According to the JAguar E-Type magazine Feb. 2015 Mike Mueller has sold 3 of his 4 OSB FHC. An another source said, that he even sold no. 4 as well as he was simply offered too much money for the cars. The holy grail of early OSB FHCs has given them all away.....

The article also said that 2 of these cars will be restored and subsequently auctioned. Estimated price from the auctioneers: Between 1 - 1.7 mio US$ --> this is a hammer!

2015-03-02 10:35:18 | Stefan writes:

The estimated price range was meant per car - not both together!!!

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